They “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk”…

Wolfhounds montage

Schooled in all Vietnam infantry equipment, arms and battles…this unit (sponsored by the Grand Haven Vietnam Veterans Association) eats, sleeps and patrols in the same fashion our “grunts” did in Vietnam. “Sarge” (Vietnam Vet) keeps the “Butterbar” and “90 day wonder” NCOs out of trouble and even has a pet “Gunny”. This display and exchange is here to help educate those that were not involved in Vietnam and to bond with those that were.  They are very aware that some relatives and friends, of those on The Wall, may want a glimpse into the world that their loved ones experienced.  Many Vietnam Veterans have described this display as “stepping into a time machine.”  Equipment and displays are 1965-1975.  All on site at the Moving Wall Visit to Hamburg.

Witness Perimeter Patrols, Scout Dog Patrols, Inspections, and Chow.